Element.a Residency - NICOSIA / 2017

August 31 - September 21, 2017 Curator: Element.a
Ah! Kosmos

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Element.a Residency invited 5 artists during a 5 week residency to explore the processes of creation by working together on a collaborative art work.

The 2017 Edition, was supported with text by Dominique Gagneux Heritage Conservator, the Clément Fondation and The French Institute and took place in Nicosia, Cyprus. "We chose Nicosia as a place of residence for this second edition due to the rich, diverse, and centuries old cultural tradition of the island. By inviting French, Cypriot, and Turkish artists to participate in this project, we try to continue a conversation, and link artists’ varied view points by asking them to work on a collective artwork."

The residency presented 3 exhibitions from August 31 to September 21, 2017 at Art Seen Gallery, directed and founded by Maria Stathi, Element.a's partner for 2017 edition.


Duration : August 31 to September 05, 2017


Duration : 7 - 12 September, 2017


Duration : 14 - 21 September, 2017


Marios Constantinides

Born in 1984, in Cyprus, Marios Constantinides studied Illustration at the University of Westminster (London). After living in London, Berlin, Toulouse and Nicosia, he has chosen to return to Cyprus. Using geometrical motives, especially ones from antiquities, he forms and deforms images and spaces to exercise and work on our imagination. Through his works, he questions our perception of shapes, spaces, and images.

Ah ! Kosmos

Producer and performer based in Berlin, Ah! Kosmos divides her time between theater, dance and, visual arts. Her work relating to sound and its vibrations tends to not lock itself into one style, overcoming the questions of genre. Proposing an immersive listening of her compositions, she plunges those who engage with the work into a supernatural and almost transcendental dimension. Through this approach, Ah! Kosmos tries to understand the relation created between the produced sound and the bodies of the listeners.

Florian Cochet

Florian Cochet has been alive since 1985 and has not stopped to create. He has, among other things, engraved a breakwater, cleaned an old wall advertisement, pressed elder flower and soaked cloth in it, coated sheets of A4 paper with oil, left a pile of leaves thirty-five meters high, erased one Landscape postcard as well as various wall surfaces, stacked newspapers and white paintings in two equivalents, un-strung a pearl necklace, partially rusted screws, silk-screened completly black newspapers, filled various containers with liquids and drilled one, flipped a Crucifix on an angle, covered two biblical characters in ballpoint pen, and carried poetry on his belt…

Mélissa Garcia Carro

Choreographer and dancer, Melissa Garcia Carro has been living and working in Cyprus for the past three years. Immersed in dance, ballet and contemporary, from the tender age of four, she has developed her abilities, reflection and reasoning, studying at the Conservatoire de Toulouse (France), at The Laban Centre of London (BA Hons Dance Theatre) and at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine of Angers. She has co-directed the Cie La Collective and has managed alatou (shop/exhibition space/atelier). Alongside, she has been choreographing, performing and teaching.

She has chosen the medium of collaborative and collective work in order to question and challenge ideas. Always with the intention to create and reinvent movement between the positions in a group, between practices and between bodies.

Sylvia Nicolaides

Born in 1984. She lives and works in Cyprus. Nicolaides received her Fine Art Degree from Chelsea College of Art & Design in London and her Masters Degree in Audio-Visual Studies in the Film and Television Academy (FAMU) in Prague. She is the co-director of the Paphos International Film Festival (PIFF) and the co-founder of the Kimonos Art Center in Paphos. In her videos, the human form and body occupies a central place and through her cinematic exploration and production she questions the process of artistic creation itself. |