History Today, 2015

Vicky Pericleous 

History Today, 2015


Vicky Pericleous 
  • collage, photograph, printed on Optica One Fine Art paper, stickers
    60 x 40 cm (unframed)
    edition of 10 plus 2 artist's proofs
    Signed, numbered and dated by the artist at the back.
    Accompanied by a numbered and dated certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

    Produced in Limassol.
    Published by Art Seen Editions.
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About the Artwork

The work extends further into the artist’s interests to produce images where environments, gestures and encounters oscillate between reality and fiction, the familiar and the alien and notions of the near and far in respect to postcolonial situations and geographical and cultural imaginaries. The idea of the fragment as well as spatiotemporal proximities and speculations are negotiated throughout her artistic oeuvre. In Vicky Pericleous’s work the mechanisms of the image’s own production both investigate and articulate questions in respect to the nature of cultural hegemonic narratives and representations, as they appear within the fragments that constitute the image; while at the same time are overshadowed by a multitude of other crossings.

‘History Today’, 2014-15, brings together a reproduced image of the magazine ‘Today’, Number Twenty-Nine, published For The Colonial Office by the Central Office Of Information, London, printed by L. T. A. Robinson LTD, - as taken from a family collection, while kept in time, due to an article about Cyprus in pages 18-19 – and a photograph, taken in Finikoudes bay, Cyprus, in the Summer of 2014. Stickers are used as an-other layer that intervene and re-interpret the image’s view(s). Tensions of crossings and opacities of diverse spatiotemporalities, surfaces, actual and imagined spaces, highlight the possibilities of a multiplicity of narratives and hypotheses.

About the Artist

Vicky Pericleous is a visual artist and lecturer at The Frederick University, Nicosia, Department of Applied Arts. She holds a B.A (Hons) in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University and an M.A in Theatre Design / Scenography from Wimbledon School of Art, London. Her work moves within interdisciplinary areas and diverse media. It includes site-specific installations, happenings and performances in galleries or public spaces.

She has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. Some of her most recent solo exhibitions are: Nowhere and Elsewhere that took place at Omikron Gallery in (2012); No Body, No Border, Collaboration with artist Horst Waierstall for a site specific Installation / Performance, The Space, Nicosia  (2009); Emblem of, Side-Specific Performance / Installation, Sobrero (shoe store and factory), Nicosia, Cyprus (2006). Group exhibitions include: Multiplicities, [art seen], Nicosia (2015); UTOPIA, Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Limassol (2012); Uncovered: Nicosia International Airport (2010-2013) (member of the project’s development team), Monodrome, 3rd Athens Biennale, Athens (2010), L’art au Present, Paris and Between You and Me and the Wall, Omikron Gallery (2010).

She has presented work as an invited artist in seminars, conferences and organised talks.